Clustering discussions?

I have read all the proposal made so far and I am very excited about tomorrow’s thatcamp.

I noticed that most of the proposal are open questions (rather than volunteering to lead discussions) which could be organized in some sort of clusters for discussion, instead of separate sessions.
I can see different areas of interest around which the conversation(s) could be organized.  Mainly I would cluster them in two-three areas:

Digital Humanities as a field

I think one fundamental question is if Digital Humanities is a discipline in its own right, in which case you would need to discuss the creation of a common network for researcher in the field, as proposed in DH info hubs: what are we missing?. Also important is to enter into mainstream computing, which is something that both IT wishlist  and
In the path forward for usable systems for productive academics are emphasising.
In this cluster also Building DH community fits very well. That’s Not My Department could also bring an interesting perspective (sort of “un-disciplinarization” – bringing the un-conference to another level).
MLA Commons and Capturing Tweets could provide a practical outcome to the discussions.

Tools and Technologies

A second cluster is related to tools and technologies that can be used, both as workshops for existing ones and proposal/discussion for new ones. A further specification could be made between research-centered and teaching-centered tools (although overlapping occurs).

Among the ones more related to teaching there are

A session that could somewhat give general overview of the teaching side could be Designing DH Projects.
On the research side, the general overview could be given at the Digital Literary Studies – for which an helpful starting point is the Bamboo Dirt website.
Also (self-servingly) I would say that the idea of a Humanist’s Operating System could be part of this discussion.

Amongst the more research-centered are

I am not sure this idea of clustering, instead of separate sessions, fits into the thatcamp philosophy, but I think things are clustered it will help when discussing the unfolding of the day and also in making connections between different topics.

Anyway, I am looking forward to meet you tomorrow. Happy New Year to everybody.


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I started my academic work in Comparative Literature and Italian Studies, but a few years ago I started to be involved in Digital Humanities and I am currently working on a interdisciplinary project focused on Italian culture. I am newcomer in computing, although I used them for many years. Before I started working on DH my only experience in programming is an assignment at a secondary school, a program in BASIC (and, believe it or not, I actually wrote an electronic poem on a APPLE IIc screen. It was sometimes in the 1980s). After that I had to wait another 25 years to get back to programming.

2 Responses to Clustering discussions?

  1. Great taxonomy, guzzetg. Almost always at THATCamp things are “tracked” so that similar sessions are subsequent instead of simultaneous, so to that extent there’s usually clustering. But do I understand you to be suggesting that we just do (say) 3 mammoth all-day sessions, one on the general topic of “DH as a field,” one on “Teaching tools & tech,” and one on “Research tools & tech”? I’m cautiously interested in that idea.

  2. guzzettg says:

    Yes, I think I was “cautiously” aiming at some mammoth-session, as you say, only I was thinking, more than a full-day concurrently session, say a cluster on “DH as a field” in the morning, and two in the afternoon on “Research Tools” and “Teaching Tools”. But is all open to interpretation, of course.
    Also I think this might be helpful in creating Proceedings. But that is another story…
    BTW, call me Giorgio please, guzzettg is just a nickname… I thought it was cool at first, but now I am starting to hate it, really. I am slowly moving back to my real name, one login at a time…

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