1 Response to The path forward for usable systems for productive academics

  1. guzzettg says:

    Academic writing, and writing in general, is changing, not only because of the use of digital means, but substantially because of it. Is not only about connections, I think, although connecting ideas and people is part of it. Is the writing process itself that is changing. Think for instance about Jim Brown’s course who seeks to “encourage students to view writing as something more than words on the page (or even words on the screen)” and to make students “study the similarities and differences between the composition of computer programs and the composition of text”. Future -if not present already – writing, even academic, in my opinion, will not be just writing, will be a mixture of writing and coding. In some sense is going to be “constantly moving” and at risk of being volatile, if we don’t find alternatives to the current way of doing it.
    In my proposal I was trying to combine together the need to code with the need to write (which is still very important in academia, of course). I think this is an issue that need to be addressed, and I am not sure that your approach is taking it into account.
    I am not saying this because I want to publicize my proposal over yours. In fact, I think we should combine them. It could be a very interesting discussion.

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