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Notes from Teaching Literary Reading through collaborative annotation

Google Doc link Do students respond to peer pressure? What do you do about students’ need to “grope for meaning” (privacy) Disappointment with available texts (not enough editions available authoritatively annotated) Can students embed their research in a text? Can … Continue reading

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Engaging students in the entire process

This goes along with many of the other posts that have mentioned students and the use of digitized resources in teaching, but I thought I might throw another element in. When attempting to get students involved in lessons, stories of … Continue reading

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Clustering discussions?

I have read all the proposal made so far and I am very excited about tomorrow’s thatcamp. I noticed that most of the proposal are open questions (rather than volunteering to lead discussions) which could be organized in some sort … Continue reading

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IT wishlist

Central IT often plays a minor role in supporting innovative digital humanities work, which is frequently concentrated in (digital) humanities centers and libraries. One of the factors contributing to this is the central IT tendency to pursue one-size-fits-all/none systems that … Continue reading

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DH info hubs: what are we missing?

There’s no shortage of portals of information about digital humanities, from DH Answers for Q&A, NINES/ARC for temporally-oriented resources, DHCommons for projects, Bamboo DiRT for tools, TAPoR for text analysis, THATCamp, Day of DH, MLA Commons, and many others. Are … Continue reading

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Workshop on Annotation Studio – an annotation tool for humanities pedagogy

Hi everyone! My name is Jason Lipshin and I’m a research assistant with Hyperstudio, MIT’s digital humanities research lab. Along with HyperStudio’s Director Kurt Fendt and Lead Developer Jamie Folsom, I’d like to propose a workshop on Annotation Studio, a … Continue reading

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Multi-text Projects

I have an idea for a research project that brings together visual images – paintings and magazine and book covers – the written (archive) correspondence between collectors, galleries, and museums that tie them together, and the scholarship (and popular writing) … Continue reading

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Teaching Digital Archives

I’m interested in digital archives and teaching.  I find the digitization of historical materials (drafts, journals, maps, other documents, not to mention sound recordings and images) a powerful resource for helping cultivate a sense of history in humanities students.  Additionally, … Continue reading

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