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Central IT often plays a minor role in supporting innovative digital humanities work, which is frequently concentrated in (digital) humanities centers and libraries. One of the factors contributing to this is the central IT tendency to pursue one-size-fits-all/none systems that target extremely generic needs (e.g. hosting for static web page, file storage space, etc.) If you could choose what the fundamental systems, platforms, and staff expertise central IT would have to provide a reasonable level of support for digital humanities (and free up resources elsewhere for projects with needs beyond the core supported tools), what would they be?

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About quinn.dombrowski

At UC Berkeley, I work on Bamboo DiRT (, and growing the DH community through partnerships with the Dean's Office and the Townsend Humanities Center. After the last THATCamp I attended, I built DHCommons (, and I've been involved in subsequent DHCommons workshops, including one at AATSEEL 2013 (held concurrently with the MLA). I do a lot with Drupal, and am generally interested in helping things (and people!) work better, and work together. I still dabble in digital medieval Slavic from time to time.