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General Information

THATCamp MLA is affiliated with this year’s Modern Language Association Convention and will be hosted at Northeastern University in Boston, MA on January 2, 2013. Sessions will be held the day before the MLA Convention, which runs from January 3-January 6 in Boston.


We are thrilled to welcome you all to Boston and to Northeastern University on January 2. Here are some details about the event of which you should be aware:

  1. We plan to open our THATCamp space in the beautiful new Digital Media Commons of Snell Library at 8:30am on Wednesday, January 2nd. We hope to have coffee and light breakfast items on hand (more on that in the near future). By 9:00 we will have posters with your session proposals hanging around the space for you to vote on. You will vote between 9:00-9:30, after which we will all gather for an initial welcome and planning session. If you’ve never been to a THATCamp, don’t worry! This part is very low-key and fun—we promise.
  2. On that note, you should all start proposing sessions! THATCamps are places to explore topics that interest you with diverse groups of colleagues. When you were accepted to THATCamp, you should have received log in instructions for our website at mla2013.thatcamp.org. If you log in and click the plus sign at the top of the screen, you can add a new post to the website describing what you hope to talk about at THATCamp MLA. These proposals shouldn’t look like paper or conference proposals, and they needn’t be formal–just let the group know a topic you’d be interested in chatting about with a group of smart folks. You can read more about proposing a THATCamp session at thatcamp.org/help/go/proposals/. If you’re not sure how to log into the website, let us know.
  3. You can read more about how to get to Northeastern University at mla2013.thatcamp.org/travel/. We’re literally just down the street from the Convention Hotels and Center. On a nice day, it’s a 10-15 walk; otherwise you can catch a green-line train from the Convention Center to the Northeastern stop, catch a bus down Huntington Avenue, or hop in a cab for a very quick ride. There’s more logistical information on the site, which we encourage you to browse if you’ve not already.
  4. If you’re curious who else will be attending THATCamp MLA, you can learn more about your fellow campers.

Finally, if you need any additional information about THATCamp MLA, please send an email to Ryan Cordell and he’ll do his best to help (or find someone to help). We look forward to meeting you all in January.

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  1. Reading, in the traditional sense, is dealing with something (a meaning?) hidden and condensed in lines of characters written on a page. This can be unlocked by the imagination of the reader in a kind of “telepathy” (Sartre) or “allucination”(Kittler). What is changed with computer? Can digital tools read? or at least help in unlocking that kind of experience? These are some of the question I am intrigued by and I would like to discuss at thatcamp.
    Speaking of reading I am also asking myself what will happen with digital tools in cultures where reading was much less important, or non-existent at all, such as African societies. What kind of use they will make of the digital?

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