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Notes from Teaching Literary Reading through collaborative annotation

Google Doc link Do students respond to peer pressure? What do you do about students’ need to “grope for meaning” (privacy) Disappointment with available texts (not enough editions available authoritatively annotated) Can students embed their research in a text? Can … Continue reading

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Digital Literary Studies

What are the DH tools and methods used to study literature? How are these being used and to what end? I’d like to talk with others about the forms that digital literary studies have taken and the underlying methodologies. This … Continue reading

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Workshop: Let’s plot to learn GIS

I’d be very interested in learning how to map a corpus of data (text and its metadata) to a map. Using a single example and the fewest tools necessary to begin to plot data onto a single map would be … Continue reading

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Twitter/Technology and Class Discussions

I spend a lot of time in literature classes doing class discussion. Often, we spend the entire 90 minutes of any given class discussing our reading (often a novel or group of poems), and these student-directed discussions move in very … Continue reading

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Omeka Neatline and spatial-temporal visualization, anyone?

All: This workshop suggestion focuses on a tool, the Neatline map tool, that in some ways follows up on the discussion about the use of Scripto for Omeka projects. It follows first because of an underlying interest in Omeka, and … Continue reading

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Analog Hackerspace!

If there is interest (and space), I’m interested in setting up what has variously been called the “Craft Cabin” or the “Analog Remix Lab,” but what I think I’m going to call “Analog Hackerspace.” Past incarnation: THATCampSoCal2011, and here is … Continue reading

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