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Participant Pedagogy

Sean Michael Morris and I would like to propose a session on what we call participant pedagogy, which is the idea that students take an active role in teaching and in constructing their own learning environment. Online learning, in particular, … Continue reading

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Talk and Play: Becoming a Better Bloggette

I’d like to talk about and play with ways to get started, keep up, and manage a professional academic blog.  From the mundane how should this look and what site should I use to the more abstract  “Why is everything … Continue reading

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Omeka Neatline and spatial-temporal visualization, anyone?

All: This workshop suggestion focuses on a tool, the Neatline map tool, that in some ways follows up on the discussion about the use of Scripto for Omeka projects. It follows first because of an underlying interest in Omeka, and … Continue reading

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Network Analysis

After taking a MOOC in Social Network Analysis (SNA) this past Fall, I’m interested in exploring network analysis further in the digital humanities. I not only wonder in what other ways the tools and theories of SNA might be extrapolated … Continue reading

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MLA Commons

As many of you already know, we’re launching MLA Commons at the convention on 3 January. I’m hoping to spend a session at THATCamp MLA getting any MLA members who are interested into the network a day early, in no … Continue reading

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