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Notes from Teaching Digital Archives session

Here are the notes from the “Teaching Digital Archives” session proposed by Paul Jaussen: Session notes How to teach archives? How to add historical context to 19th-century poems as well as doing close reading of poems? Emphasis point: work … Continue reading

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Notes from network analysis

NETWORK ANALYSIS 1-2:15 Shawn Basic network analysis: nodes (characters, places, words, books) and edges (connections between those nodes, ideas that comes up, books mentioned etc.) weight? Software that can be used to do this: Evoo GELPHI A plug for GELPHI, … Continue reading

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Notes from Tools for Literary Text Analysis

Here is a link to the notes for the session that largely focused on Voyant and similar tools: Session Proceedings.  

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Digitized Scholarly Editions

How might digitization enhance scholarly (or critical) editions of literary and historical texts? I’m thinking in terms of incorporation of multimedia, accessibility of bibliographic resources, and integration of reference and/or pedagogical material (such as glossaries for foreign language texts)? What would … Continue reading

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Student Storage & Processes of Multimodal Compositions

I would like to address both the technology (hardware) involved with storing student works and their processes of multimodal composing. I’d be interested discuss any platforms or systems you use to 1) protect the digital works of our students; 2) … Continue reading

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Ride Available?

Just on a whim: Is anyone coming through (or departing) the New Haven area in the wee hours of Wednesday morning who could give me a ride? I’m trying to make my transit more sensible, but have to work it … Continue reading

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Topic Modeling?

Can anyone talk about topic modeling in the humanities? I certainly cannot, but would love to hear others talk about their experiences, tools, methods, and projects involving topic modeling. Anyone?

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Building DH Community, Competency, Capacity

Building on bernierr1‘s proposal, Designing DH Projects, I would like to explore ways of building local community around DH to generate ideas, build competencies, and determine what infrastructure is needed to support DH work in research and classrooms. We are working … Continue reading

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Omeka Neatline and spatial-temporal visualization, anyone?

All: This workshop suggestion focuses on a tool, the Neatline map tool, that in some ways follows up on the discussion about the use of Scripto for Omeka projects. It follows first because of an underlying interest in Omeka, and … Continue reading

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Capturing Tweets and Twitter Networks at MLA 2013

Meeting to discuss strategies for capturing/sorting the MLA 2013 twitter feed and tools (such as NodeXL) for mapping the MLA 2013 Twitter network. If possible, it would be great if we could work on this as a team during the … Continue reading

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