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Notes from Teaching Literary Reading through collaborative annotation

Google Doc link Do students respond to peer pressure? What do you do about students’ need to “grope for meaning” (privacy) Disappointment with available texts (not enough editions available authoritatively annotated) Can students embed their research in a text? Can … Continue reading

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Workshop on Annotation Studio – an annotation tool for humanities pedagogy

Hi everyone! My name is Jason Lipshin and I’m a research assistant with Hyperstudio, MIT’s digital humanities research lab. Along with HyperStudio’s Director Kurt Fendt and Lead Developer Jamie Folsom, I’d like to propose a workshop on Annotation Studio, a … Continue reading

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MOOCs Workshop

Is anybody interested in a workshop on or discussion of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses)? There are a lot of interesting technology/humanities questions that come up with MOOCs, one obvious one being: how can humanities courses be structured and evaluated … Continue reading

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Omeka and Scripto Workshop

Would there be any possibility of pulling together a workshop on Omeka that would also include a Scripto element? It would not have to be limited to Scripto specifically, but anything on crowdsourcing transcription/editing/curation would be great!  

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GIS workshop at THATCamp MLA?

I would love find out more about GIS, if anyone’s willing.

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