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Is anybody interested in a workshop on or discussion of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses)? There are a lot of interesting technology/humanities questions that come up with MOOCs, one obvious one being: how can humanities courses be structured and evaluated in a purely online setting with tens of thousands of students? MOOCs currently available through edX, Coursera, and others are overwhelmingly in the sciences, especially computer science–how could that change over the next few years?

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About Julia Hayton

The lone English major in a family of computer scientists, Julia Hayton is a book-devouring MLS student by day and a digital evangelist by night. She thinks her generation's greatest question is how to best take advantage of the internet's potential, and is fascinated by the challenge of organizing inconceivably vast expanses of information to lead to actual knowledge. She won creative writing prizes for short stories and a play while earning her B.A. from Smith College, is currently pursuing her MLS at Simmons College, where she also works at the GSLIS Technology Lab, and can explain sub-prime derivatives and credit default swaps using spoons and salt-shakers.

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  1. rybakc says:

    This is something I’ve been kicking around in my head for a bit, and actually got a good Google Doc discussion going on different ways MOOCs might be approached. If you’re interested in looking at that, the link is here:

  2. This is a timely discussion and one that’s important for digital humanists to engage in. I think this discussion could also consider the role of online learning more broadly in the humanities.

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