Omeka and Scripto Workshop

Would there be any possibility of pulling together a workshop on Omeka that would also include a Scripto element? It would not have to be limited to Scripto specifically, but anything on crowdsourcing transcription/editing/curation would be great!


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I completed my Ph.D. in German Languages and Literature at Johns Hopkins University in October 2011. After working at the Center for Digital Research and Curation at Johns Hopkins and the Hopkins University Press, I received an ACLS Public Fellowship to work at the Newberry Library in Chicago in July of 2012. My academic research involves twentieth-century Austrian literature, urban and imperial decay, and a poetics of embodiment. My professional interests currently revolve around the digital humanities in libraries and museums. I know I share this opinion with countless others, but Slavoj Žižek has the best beard in the business.

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  1. nermolaev99 says:

    I second the call for a Scripto workshop! or any tools for collaborative transcription, editing, and translation.

  2. Toma Tasovac says:

    I would also be very interested in a Scripto/collaborative transcription workshop!

  3. Christopher Ohge says:

    I would also like an Omeka workshop.

  4. this sounds fabulous to me as well! I’m currently working on an Omeka based project, and thinking of using Omeka and Scripto to do transcriptions of a collection of 19th C letters that I am working on. I’d be curious to discuss how people have gone about getting permission to digitize and crowd source transcriptions from the libraries involved, which seems like a potential minefield.

  5. Keep in mind that Scripto isn’t necessarily an Omeka thing — there are Scripto plugins for Omeka, Drupal, and WordPress.

    So, it might be worth thinking about whether we’re talking about an Omeka workshop/session, or a transcription/Scripto session, or separate ones for both.

  6. Even I didn’t know that Scripto worked with Drupal and WordPress. You learn something new every day. I’d be interested in playing with WP version.

  7. jasonecohen says:

    Another reply to this thread — while I’m fairly new to Omeka in general, I’m planning on using it as the basis for a Spring course project, so this timing is excellent. I have been wondering about how transcription and tagging might be used in a way complementary with geo-locational applications. Essentially, my question is not only about transcription, but about moving between archive and map in useful ways. Perhaps these approaches are too different, or too irreconcilable, but I’m interested to think across those two modalities.

  8. nermolaev99 says:

    I’m just initiating a project using Scripto on a WordPress site & am getting a little confused about how the program works with MediaWiki – which is the same whether one uses Omeka, WordPress or Drupal. I agree with Patrick above that its probably best to treat Omeka and Scripto/transcription separately. I’d be more interested in the latter.

  9. Karen Bourrier says:

    I’m also stuck on how Scripto works with wikimedia and could use some help. I prefer to work with Omeka and Scripto but just a plain Scripto workshop sounds great!

  10. Anne Flannery says:

    An Omeka Workshop with a little help regarding how Scripto works would be great! Or a Scripto workshop that would give tips on how to use it as plug in for Omeka and WordPress, as well as its connection to wikimedia, would also be enormously helpful!

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