GIS workshop at THATCamp MLA?

I would love find out more about GIS, if anyone’s willing.

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I am a green-card-carrying resident alien, born in Toronto and raised in Montreal. I have a BA (linguistics) and an MA (library science) from McGill, and a PhD in information transfer from Syracuse. I have been teaching in the library and information science program at Simmons College in Boston since 1980 (I am on the older side of the demographic) and I introduced many of the tech courses there (web design, database management, information architecture, digital libraries, and our "boot camp" tech competency), usually before they were standard elements of any LIS curriculum. Along with the IT department (which consisted of a wonderful guy named Brian), I created the first Web site for my program (and myself) in the early 90s. Outside of work, my passions are Middle-earth, roots music (specifically western and northern European), red pandas, and travel.

7 Responses to GIS workshop at THATCamp MLA?

  1. Ryan Cordell says:

    We can probably make that happen. Lots of GIS expertise here at Northeastern we can draw on. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. flannerya says:

    I would definitely go to a workshop on GIS!

  3. jasonecohen says:

    If this is going to get off the ground, we should specify what we mean by GIS in particular. I’ve begun to work with the open-source platform QGIS (, but I’m also finding that Google Earth and GMap serve many of the functions we need as humanists. I’d be happy to join this conversation, for sure, particularly if it means moving in the direction of historical cartography and geo-referencing / geo-rectifying the layers of time and space in a flexible platform.

  4. Candy Schwartz says:

    I was thinking along more elementary lines for a workshop – as in, how do you work with something like QGIS.

  5. rybakc says:

    I know nothing at all about this but am definitely interested, especially in terms of how to apply mapping (likely Google) to literary texts.

  6. Candy Schwartz says:

    Unfortunately I have had to withdraw from THATCamp for family health reasons.

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