Workshop: Let’s plot to learn GIS

I’d be very interested in learning how to map a corpus of data (text and its metadata) to a map. Using a single example and the fewest tools necessary to begin to plot data onto a single map would be terrific first step. Hands-on, for beginners. Details about all of the available software, existing projects, etc., are available, but the time to learn and practice is far less. Can anyone take on a workshop like this?

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  1. I’ve taught Google Maps before, so I could teach that, but nothing else — not like ARcGIS or anything. I have played around with ViewShare, too: I’d be willing to, um, facilitate a session on ViewShare (let’s not use the word “teach”).

    The other software that I know a lot of people are or will use is Neatline, which is a plugin for Omeka, but I haven’t actually used that.

  2. I’d be interested in this specifically if there is some work on dealing with geographic uncertainty. Ambiguity/uncertainty in chronology and GIS came up in DH Q&A a while back ( and, but the latter felt a little insubstantial.

  3. cottrell.j says:

    I’m a beginner with ARcGIS but I would be interested in participating in any kind of discussion relating to either the theory/problems of mapping or the more “hands on” work being called for.

  4. Patsy Baudoin says:

    Thanks for your replies to my post. We’ll see where GIS lands in the voting tomorrow. If no workshop materializes, maybe we can meet briefly to chat about the best strategies for learning GIS basics. I will try to read the material at the links you’ve provided. Thanks for those. Cheers. -P.

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