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I have an idea for a research project that brings together visual images – paintings and magazine and book covers – the written (archive) correspondence between collectors, galleries, and museums that tie them together, and the scholarship (and popular writing) that has been done on both.  It has to do with pulp magazines and novels of the early 20th century.  I’m thinking of turning this into a course where students (undergraduate) help with original research and writing, and ultimately publication – traditional book form or not – of all this.  I need help getting started – how to shape this into an ongoing project.

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I often feel a "lone voice" of visual culture in the cacophonous discourse of digital humanities. Where are the art historians, the material and/or popular culture scholars in the field? It's not all text and timelines.

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  1. Of course, everything looks like a nail to me and Omeka is my hammer, but Omeka would actually be a great tool for this. It handles images, audio, video, text, and all kinds of stuff.

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