Designing DH Projects

As a department chair with faculty who are curious, yet tentative, about how to begin DH projects in their classes, I wonder if there are fellow campers who might want to share some ideas about “baby steps” to get faculty jazzed about what they can do with their students.  How to best determine the kinds of projects to whet the appetite – when to use timelines, or concept maps, or GIS, or whatever – where the learning curve, just to get started, is quick and can help to build the enthusiasm.


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I often feel a "lone voice" of visual culture in the cacophonous discourse of digital humanities. Where are the art historians, the material and/or popular culture scholars in the field? It's not all text and timelines.

3 Responses to Designing DH Projects

  1. rybakc says:

    I’ve been experiencing much of the same (though I’m not our department head); this is definitely a discussion I’d want to have, and there’s a lot of potential for basic “making” here.

  2. bernierr1 says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to meeting you.

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