Cyberteacher: Digital Writing and Digital Pedagogies

While I don’t have a particular technology in mind, I’m particularly interested in exploring how digital humanities may impact what we teach as writing, from mutlimodal composition to video and audio and mashup, as well as how we teach it. No longer is writing just alphabetic. So for this panel, I propose discussing specific assignments and techniques but also considering larger theoretical issues, such as what do we owe our in students in terms of these expanding definitions of writing.

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About k.freeman

My background is in American Literature, primarily late 19th- and 20th-century fiction, but I also work with writing across/in the disciplines, as I've said above, and that is mostly what I do now. My interests in technology are mostly from a pedagogical perspective--I want to be able to work with students in these cool new ways both because I think it's fascinating the way technology is changing so rapidly and making me rethink what it is to write. It seems there's a paradigm shift happening, and I admittedly feel a little behind the curve--I want to catch up and maybe pull ahead.

3 Responses to Cyberteacher: Digital Writing and Digital Pedagogies

  1. rybakc says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for literature classes quite a bit–moving away from traditional essays and into the type of media productions you describe. Basically, I want students to make things, so this sounds great. Plus, I really want to learn how to make a mash-up.

  2. lynn.reid14 says:

    I have assigned multimodal projects to composition classes and would be happy to share my stories of success (and failure…!).

  3. I’d be interested in multimodal project assignments as well, specifically how we should tailor instructions to students who may not be familiar with the tools, programs, etc. that we’re using.

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