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Notes from Cyberteaching

Ah-the pull/conflict between tech and trad classroom teaching Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation Real world things as opposed to classroom only activities Going public is hard. Digital citizenship/digital identity. Privacy. Forced into going public Create aliases for FERPA reasons. – what … Continue reading

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Cyberteacher: Digital Writing and Digital Pedagogies

While I don’t have a particular technology in mind, I’m particularly interested in exploring how digital humanities may impact what we teach as writing, from mutlimodal composition to video and audio and mashup, as well as how we teach it. … Continue reading

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Designing DH Projects

As a department chair with faculty who are curious, yet tentative, about how to begin DH projects in their classes, I wonder if there are fellow campers who might want to share some ideas about “baby steps” to get faculty … Continue reading

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