Notes from Cyberteaching

Ah-the pull/conflict between tech and trad classroom teaching

Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation
Real world things as opposed to classroom only activities
Going public is hard. Digital citizenship/digital identity. Privacy. Forced into going public
Create aliases for FERPA reasons. – what does this do to the nature of authorship?
Remember, these digital natives aren’t want we think they are. They use tech but aren’t necessarily curious about them
Children acquire language because they want things. Goal orientated learning. Outcome based learning- here are tools they can use to get to these things.
Class about networks, – personal /professional networks. How can this tool benefit me, how can I use this tool to achieve these goals?
It’s ok to learn together and explore tools to use and choose tools. Digital literacy. Choose tools for your end goal.
Ownership/portability of students work. Can I take this with me after class? What happens to my work when I graduate?
What is your post mortem that you can use after sessions?
Lots of reflection
Annotation studio – tool for collaborative annotation
Try to have students do work that is public, where prof is never the only audience.
Your eportfolio is  what comes up when you google your name. Make sure you are in control of what comes up!
Framing assignments that mediate between the personal and the public. Digital narrative identity assignment.
How do we make safe spaces that are private, and how do we decide when to go public. When to use paper and when to use social media.
Writing timeline–>publishing timeline. It takes time to write. Not everything is publication worthy right away. You need to draft.
Digital writing program
Participation in online only classes.
How to encourage intrinsic motivation?
What is it that motivates you to comment on blogs, to like things on Facebook, to retweet something.
Creative blog posts that people want to comment on.
Deliberately troll? Take a negative stance?
We want an organic engaged conversation.
Need to be explicit with everything. What do we mean by “organic motivation”
How to condense things into one paragraph of text
Modeling of what a good blog post or tweet is.
The instructor fear of blogging becoming a 5 paragraph essay.
More people have read this t-shirt than your bog?
On ground classes (vs online classes)
Script, edit, promote a viral video using an iPad in one hour. Or iPhone. Or droid. In a  group.
Condense a longer piece of writing into a tweet. Also, expand a tweet into a longer piece of writing.
Curation (storify, eportfolio) is a way to create longer writing and create a longer text/narrative
Googlesume= google resume
How to keep up with stuff? How to find stuff?
Where to learn more :
Hybrid Pedagogy.
Stack overflow.
Stack exchange.
Do not show fear when introducing new tools to class.
Handholding is OK.
“You won’t break the Internet”
Twitter and SMS are short, asynchronous ways to communicate with students. You as instructor set the limits.
Use google voice for student communication.
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