Make session: digital bibliographies

Anyone interested in helping create an XML schema (customized TEI?) for encoding bibliographies for the web? We are working on a “black box” solution for scholars wanting to publish bibliographies to the web and the first step is to create a schema that can serve as the input and storage base for the data. We are wanting to create a schema that can accommodate all types of bibliographies and their “added value,” including annotated bibliographies, linked data, and descriptive bibliography. We may not leave the session with a complete schema, but may be able to come up with a substantial list of elements that need to be included. No knowledge of XML needed — just an interest in putting bibliographies on the web!

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2 Responses to Make session: digital bibliographies

  1. guzzettg says:

    I am currently working on a bibliographic project regarding an Italian writer, and looking around for tools to put it in the web. This schema you are proposing could be very helpful. Count me in for the discussion.

  2. Amanda Rust says:

    I would love to participate — count me in, too.

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