Participant Pedagogy

Sean Michael Morris and I would like to propose a session on what we call participant pedagogy, which is the idea that students take an active role in teaching and in constructing their own learning environment. Online learning, in particular, has democratized how we think about the student / teacher interaction, allowing students to both take ownership over and claim authority of education (including curriculum development, syllabus creation, assignment structuring, content generation, etc.). The sorts of tools we use and communities we form online inspire us to think differently about how we work in our brick-and-mortar classrooms. Digital pedagogy, even in the classroom, shifts from teacher-led tutorials to laboratory-based experimentation. Many of these ideas are inspired by our experiences during last Summer’s MOOC MOOC. One of the days focused on participant pedagogy. And we also hosted a #digped chat on this topic. For obvious reasons, students in attendance at THATCamp MLA would be excellent additions to this conversation.

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About Jesse Stommel

Jesse Stommel is Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities at UW-Madison. He is also the Director of Hybrid Pedagogy, a digital journal of learning, teaching, and technology. He is an advocate for lifelong learning and the public digital humanities. He has a clever dog, Mary, and two rascally cats, Loki and Odin.