Ethan Whittet

  • Graduate student
  • Northeastern University
  • Twitter: ethanwhittet

I'm a PhD student interested in how the idea of "New England" developed over the 19th century, and how--in light of the region's self-reinforcing evaluative institutions--that idea influenced notions of "good" and "American" literature.

Data mining fascinates me, but I'm a novice with that technology. On work-study, I spent a year digitizing (scanning, OCR, proofreading) the archive of faculty meeting minutes for the Rutgers-Newark Law School. Now I want to to learn how that type of labor can contribute to new meanings and better understandings of texts.

I prefer apple-cider donuts to apple cider.

Since you asked, I hold the high score in Galaga at the SuperSpin laundromat in Bayonne, NJ, where my handle is "BLT."