Fiona Barnett


Fiona Barnett is a Ph.D. candidate in the Literature Program and Women's Studies at Duke University. She is committed to building a community around rethinking higher education for the 21st century. As Director of the HASTAC Scholars program, Fiona has organized over 30 major forums and projects on a diverse set of questions (pedagogical tools, disciplinary questions, research development, interdisciplinary projects, digital publishing, etc.) and has built a network of over 700 graduate & undergraduate students who actively blog, develop DH projects, create workshops and conference panels, and peer-review each others work. The program is entirely unique as it brings together 200+ interdisciplinary students a year, from universities across the US and many other countries, to build a community of collaborative, innovative and committed future leaders in higher education.

As a graduate student at Duke, she has developed a series of workshops for grad students and professors on digital pedagogies, research techniques, collaborative learning and other ways of rethinking higher education.

Her scholarly work is at the intersection of science and technology studies, feminist and queer theory, critical theory and visual studies. She is currently writing her dissertation, Turning the Body Inside Out, which considers the social, scientific, aesthetic and theoretical practices which discursively produce the body as a visible – and thus knowable – object by repeatedly staging the scene of its dissection. In particular, her project focuses on the historical practices and contemporary situations that reinscribe the desire for an open and legible body, including the autopsy, dissection, lens technologies, museum exhibits, freak shows, serial killers, DNA and especially critical theory itself. She graduated with a B.A. in Modern Culture & Media from Brown University in 2001, and then spent several years working in a multimedia studio in Vancouver, BC.