Dale Katherine Ireland


I was adjunct faculty for seven years before starting my PhD program in English. Before that I was a senior learning skills counselor at UC Berkeley where I earned the moniker "Chuck Yeager" because I loved playing with and testing anything related to technology, which resulted in my participating in UC Berkeley's Interactive University Project , giving a poster presentation at CASUE before it became EDUCAUSE, running an online tutoring and mentoring program in the mid 1990s, earning an online teaching certificate from California State University, East Bay, and teaching over 50 online classes. Two years ago I gave a paper at MERLOT. I am in the second year of my PhD program and my interest in DH focuses on access--building access. Carr is welcome at my campfire because I enjoy the company of those who see things differently than I do. I am Team Baldur's Gate and Team Zelda--which game depends upon how my students's GoogleDoc went.