As I have become more involved with DH, and others discover the brave souls at my institution who are interested, I have started thinking more about boundary points other than institution and discipline that I’d like to cross. With a background in language tech, I’m particularly interested in how we can do translingual, transcultural, transnational DH — what tools, structures, patterns, theories exist or need creating. There is some kinship here with Anastasia’s proposal on interdisciplinarity and possibly with Marc’s on scaling up, but I think there’s something else to talk about here with DH on a world scale.

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Since my undergraduate days, when my studies focused on history, religious studies, and French, I've wandered around the career landscape with stops in publishing, dot-comming, corporate programming, and language technology. Now I'm in instructional technology for a broad world of instructors and students and I'm pleased to be able to indulge my interests in pedagogy, learning by play, and upsetting the apple cart. Also: I like cheese.