Todd Mack


I recently completed my PhD in Iberian and Latin American Cultures at Stanford University, and I'm in my first full time teaching/research job here at Brigham Young University. I have always been interested in and quite comfortable with technology, and during my dissertation I was able to use those skills to record and process video interviews of contemporary readers of novels about the Spanish Civil War in the rural communities described in those novels.

I'm happy with the way my dissertation turned out, but I would love to discuss in more detail how I might capitalize on these great video interviews that I have gathered. I have also started writing in Multimarkdown, and I'd love to talk shop with other scholars who have come to appreciate that format. I feel like there are some pieces missing in my workflow, and I'd like to see how others are making it work.

I've also recently turned my attention to Twitter and blogging as great teaching tools. This interest was spurred directly from my following the ProfHacker posts online and on Twitter. I feel like I've got some great ideas to share with people, but more than anything I would love to see how other people are implementing these (and other) technologies to stimulate discussion, to improve writing and thinking, and to keeping humanities education up to speed with the cutting edge of technology.

As I said, I have been following the ProfHacker posts for a while, and I want to be part of the conversation. I think that I have plenty to add to it, and I look forward to learning more from a more involved interaction with this group that I have come to trust and respect.