Elise Takehana


My degrees are in English, but my interests lie in interdisciplinary approaches to composition particularly in light of (or in anticipation of) digital technologies. I have examined texts as divergent as Virginia Woolf's _The Waves_ to John Cayley's _translations_ for convergent compositional practices whose methods draw from creators working in media other than text. Concurrent to these more formalist interests in multimodal production, I take a particular interest in the pedagogical role of creativity and collaborative working models offered in the workshop setting. I hope to expand said interest to enfold more intimately the use of digital technologies to promote collaborative knowledge production, hence my application.

While Slavoj Žižek is not "my man," I will add that Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's process of becoming minor is my modis operandi and ideal learning outcome for my students - to overwhelm and unbind the strata of hierarchies that dictate their behaviors and judgments. Doing so reminds me to become minor myself.