Talk Session: Starting from Scratch

The purpose of this session will be to discuss the shaping of a nascent university program in digital scholarship and pedagogy. What should the goals be of such an initiative? What hiring is necessary? What kinds of courses should be taught by its faculty? How do we mobilize available campus resources, faculty, professional staff, and students to contribute to the program? How do we make a case to administration for funding? More broadly, how do we make the digital humanities a part of the campus culture in places where it isn’t already? As someone who is involved in fostering such a program on my campus, I am hoping to learn from the insights of those who have experienced (or are experiencing) program development on their campuses. I also hope that the session will have something to offer grad students and other junior faculty who might find themselves in institutions (like mine) that are just getting off the ground with this work.

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About Cyrus Mulready

My research and teaching focus on Shakespeare and Early Modern English drama. I have published essays and have a forthcoming book on drama and the cultural impact of overseas exploration in the period. I am also interested in book history, an interdisciplinary field that intersects in important ways with digital scholarship. Though I have long used digital tools in my classroom (blogs, wikis, etc.) I have not done so extensively in my scholarship, and am seeking new ways to do so.