Talk and Play: Becoming a Better Bloggette

I’d like to talk about and play with ways to get started, keep up, and manage a professional academic blog.  From the mundane how should this look and what site should I use to the more abstract  “Why is everything I say on the internet so stupid?” anxiety of publishing and how to get over it, as well as ways to get in touch with and interact with other academic bloggers.

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About Rebecca Harris

I am a new professor at a small college in Southwest Florida. Our students take English primarily for first year writing credit or for humanities/liberal arts requirements. I graduated from Texas A&M University-College Station with my PhD in English in May of 2012. My interests are in critical theory, gender studies, queer studies, and Contemporary American Literature.

2 Responses to Talk and Play: Becoming a Better Bloggette

  1. rybakc says:

    I’ve just started my own blog this year, so I have some interest in this. I’m also interested in how to involve students in such a blog, where the academic blog is also a teaching blog with student voices. (maybe this overlaps with the “Domain of One’s Own” concept.

  2. A really useful topic. I’m a relatively prolific writer, but I’ve never been a very good blogger. I’d love to come to a session on academic blogging. I’d also be interesting in thinking about and discussing the distinctions and overlap between blogging and other more “traditional” forms of academic publishing.

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